Our organizational structure is designed to execute and control the product manufacturing process in all its phases, starting from the development and conception of the project to arrive at the finished and tested plant at the customer site.

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The technical department boasts the experience derived from over eighty years of production and research, a sure guarantee of problem solving and need’s satisfaction for our customers. The projects are processed within our offices through the continuous search for the best solutions combined with a historical archive that totalizes more than 2500 completed projects.

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The sales office is available for quotations and advice regarding the range of our products, both standard and special.

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The production process is carried out by specialized technicians, organized in departments dedicated to specific activities. Our products are constantly monitored and subjected to internal and external controls, in order to guarantee the quality of the finished product and all its components.

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Our company personally takes care of the packaging of the finished product for transport. This operation is regulated according to the national and international reference regulations.

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Transport / shipping

Anselmi Srl is responsible for the transport of the cranes to the destination areas. Through contacts and reliable companies, we take care of the shipment of cranes all over the world by land or sea, respecting the laws on transport.


Anselmi cranes are assembled in destination sites through the intervention and supervision of our qualified technicians. Each system is assembled and tested in compliance with safety laws with the utmost scrupulousness and in the shortest possible time.


Each Anselmi system is supplied with the scrupulous documentation. It is stored in our offices too to ensure maximum availability. Additional documentation is issued according to the regulations and specific requests of our customers, guaranteeing maximum availability and efficiency.

After Sales

Our company is committed to following the customer with the utmost care and efficiency in after-sales services. Our Service department takes care of the management of spare parts and coordinates the emergency response teams.