Our company carries out all the checks on the systems required by law to guarantee maximum safety and perfect efficiency of Anselmi machines and systems of other manufacturers.

The revision dates of the systems are agreed according to the mandatory frequency and the needs of our customers.

The compulsory checks of ropes and hooks and the controls established by the manufacturer and listed in the “machine use and maintenance” manual are carried out on a quarterly basis.

The entire machine is checked annually with visual and functional checks of mechanical and electrical components and of the carpentry structures, paying particular attention to safety systems.

Following each intervention, a report of suitability is issued with respect to the checks carried out.

Any anomalies and malfunctions of the systems are promptly reported and documented in order to intervene with our emergency response teams


The under-hook equipment are the accessories placed between the lifting equipment and the load to be lifted.


The laws and regulations in force (including the new technical report UNI TR 11705: 2018) determine that all lifting equipment is subjected to periodic checks.


Our company offers complete assistance on the subject through visual and dimensional checks to comply with the established requirements. Thanks to our spare parts warehouse we can promptly supply any damaged and / or non-compliant components.


Anselmi S.r.l. offers timely repairs to breakdowns and replacement of components. The operations are carried out by minimizing the downtime of the plants.


Thanks to constant investments in staff training, control instruments, vehicles and safety equipment, our dedicated teams can intervene in complete autonomy, guaranteeing safety and restoring the correct functioning of the cranes.


 Our technicians, divided by mechanical, electrical, and electronic training, intervene anywhere in the world, guaranteeing professionalism and experience.