The main structure of the single girder overhead crane consists of a single profile or caisson beam, supported by two motorized heads beams.

The load lifting device consists of the motorized electric hoist, rope or chain type, it is also produced in the version with reduced dimensions that allows to make the most of the hook stroke.

The speeds can be adjusted through inverters to manage accelerations and decelerations by reducing the oscillations of the load.

The machine can be easily controlled via pushbutton and bidirectional radio control.


Capacity: 2 -:- 16 t

Span: 5 -:- 20 m

Hook lifting: 5 -:- 10m

Carpentry and structures: A4 -:- A5 Mechanisms M4 -:- M5

Speed: Travelling until 40 m / min Traversing until 20 m / min

Hoisting: until 8 m / min

Carriponte monotrave
Carriponte monotrave
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