The double girder bridge crane is composed of two beams connected through the motorized heads at both ends; it can be equipped with walkway or platform along the beams to facilitate maintenance and control activities.

The simplest hoisting installation consists in the use of a trolley hoist. For higher performance a winch trolley is used, designed and developed within our company.

Traversing, travelling and hoisting speeds can be adjusted through inverters to manage accelerations and decelerations by reducing load oscillations.

Crane can be controlled via pushbutton, radio control or cabin assembled on the overhead crane.


Capacity: 2 -:- 50t

Span: 5 -:- 25m

Hook lifting: 5 -:- 10m

Speed: Travelling until  40 m / min Traversing until 20 m / min

Hoisting: until a 8 m / min

Carpentry and structures: A4 -:- A5 Mechanisms M4 -:- M5