Walker cranes are a valid alternative to overhead cranes and jib cranes; they are particularly suitable for theenslavement of workstations or warehouses located near the perimeter areas of the sheds.

These installations move below the level of the overhead crane on the rails of the track along the wall of the building.

Walker cranes consist of one/two cantilevered arms. Along the arm, the hoist slides with an electric traversing trolleythat guarantees the traversing movement of the load.


Straddle: 2 -:- 6m

Speed: Travelling: 10 -:- 40 m/min

Capacity: 2 -:- 10t

Traversing: 4 -:- 16 m/min

Hoisting: 1,3 -:- 4 m/min

Hook lifting: until 10m

Carpentry and structures: A4 -:- A5

Mechanisms: M4 -:- M5